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Health & Wellness

Planet Fitness – YMCA - Bowling

The benefits of physical exercise are many. One study shows that integrating fitness into an individual on the spectrum has proven that it is able to enhance multiple aspects
of their health. According to the Autism Research Institution, the integration of physical activity is capable of aiding mental health by showcasing an improvement in symptoms of anxiousness or high levels of stress, which can lead to another onset of problems in the future. Alongside these benefits, sleeping improvements are also an effect of physical activity. It has been proven that exercise leads to the production of melatonin; a chemical that is associated with the initiation of sleep


Art & Music & Various Outings
The Gifts of Art & Music

Music and Art are natural therapy, for they can relax, sooth, revitalize, invigorate, inspire and empower anyone who listens to it. Music has probably been my most effective tool for either establishing a harmonious environment that prevents behavioral issues or redirecting those who may be have a behavioral outburst. (Taken from the book, “The Gifts of Autism & Alzheimer’s by Ken Routson) We incorporate an educational component that includes classes on nutrition, stress reduction, positive thinking and group interaction. We
also invite guests to share their talents i.e.: painting, playing an instrument. We perform a play once a year where everyone has a part. All of these activities provide positive interaction with each other and our guests.

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