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Ken Routson

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Ken Routson has been recognized nationally for his expertise in the field of disabilities.  His experiences include Consultant and Workshop Provider; Executive Director of Residential Alternatives for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities; Coordinator of Choices in Community Living, Dayton, Ohio.  


In addition, he has published three books:  Individual Growth & Fulfillment, The Gifts of Autism and Alzheimer’s and Beliefology.


Ken’s background in residential homes, developing a summer camp for youth with disabilities and his experience with special education transportation all led to his development of Ability to Thrive, Inc. in 2010.   A colleague of Ken’s said:


“In an era when group homes were the order of the day, Ken demonstrated confidence that more individualized, more personal living situations were both possible and better for the people with whom he worked.”


He established Ability to Thrive, Inc Agency Without Walls, in 2010.  His philosophy is to provide a respectful and stimulating environment, along with skills development that participants can use to become active members of the community.  Our mission at Ability to Thrive is to promote health, wellness, self-reliance, community integration and skills development for our members through education, exercise and preventative measures to ensure a healthier lifestyle.  Ability to Thrive does this by providing programs in exercise, nutrition, swimming, art & music and community outings.  Participants receive community-based learning opportunities allowing growth in all areas of development and independence.


Since he began his career over 35 years ago years ago, his mission has always been to “empower individuals with different abilities.

Ken Routson is retired and resides in Dayton, Ohio

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